Thursday, September 13, 2012

Job security

Is there such a thing as job security anymore?

I spent my 20's trying to find job security by throwing myself into my teaching job only to have it taken away in my 30's. This has left me (against my will) time to reflect many things. A mourning process happened, especially since I loved my job. It was how I identified myself. Since I threw myself into my career I spent most of my later 20's neglecting the important things in life such as friends, family and even myself. As a result I lost a few key people in my life. I was doing all of this for my fear of losing my job- I was trying so hard to gain job security. I went from sad, to angry, to feeling defeated, to feeling excited about a new beginning, then anxious again. It was exhausting!!! 

I have applied to many jobs, including ones outside of the teaching field. For a few I was told I was overqualified for. Since when does having an education work against us? 

Now is the crossroads- I needed to reflect and be angry and sad but I cannot stay here. Anyone going through this can agree- if you keep reliving your past then you can't move forward. You get stuck there and become a miserable person. 

The new question is, how and can I become self-sustainable in my soap business? How do I create my OWN job security? I sell at a couple stores, do my Saturday Farmer's Market and have my etsy shop but this is not enough at this point. How can I take those assets and make more sales? I need to keep creating new and exciting products. I need to really put myself out there.  This is hard without money, but I am going to try as hard as I can. I have come to realize that customer's like a story along with their products and as my students can tell you I am pretty good at that! 

I am also not afraid to share every aspect of myself. I am emotional but like to think I am honest with who I am. I will never change that. Some may see this as a weakness, but I see it as a strength. How can I get this to work with me? 

My business cards are amazing, my product photos are good, my product is good- maybe I need to build my own website, or just utilize my blog more. I could really use a small business mentor! 

Change can be good, even a forced change.