Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Troy Night Out- Featured Artist Colin C. Boyd

Remember that tomorrow is February Troy Night Out so bundle up and come have some fun! Lots of stuff happening here in Troy. Come on down and eat, drink, shop and look at some great art. Culture is king (and Queen of course) here in Troy! This month our featured artist in Colin C. Boyd with his new illustration series, Thunderbird's Mid-West Dream. You may recognize some of his sculptural work (Mastadon) from MASS MOCA's Kidspace and the Albany International airport (Cormorants and Whale) and his work with Collar Works Gallery right here in Troy. Check out his website here

Artist Statement

Colin C Boyd

Thunderbird’s Mid-West Dream

This series of illustrations are an exploration of the muse and phenomena that inform my work as a sculptor.  A narrative loosely weaves characters and objects, the subjects of work past and future.
Colin C. Boyd, Mining, 2013. 5”x6.5”. Ink, watercolor and foil.