Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow day photos!

We had a snowday today. I know most teachers love snowdays, but only being at school every other day now is hard. Now I won't see my students until Thursday.

Bay Rum with Blue Oxide and Parsley Powder Swirl. The washcloth was made by my friend and colleague Sue Gomes. Don't they go perfect together?!

So aside from shoveling and going to the dentist (YAY)...I guess what? Took some photos! We have been experimenting with more natural colorants such as clays and herbs. Look at some of the greens we got from Parsley Powder. It give me a nice green in the Bay Rum, but it also did with the Clary Sage. Parsley powder in soap is also thought to be soothing, cleansing and detoxifying.

Another Bay Rum set. I am going to sell them on Etsy and at the craft fairs.

Clary Sage- All natural soap. There isn't anything synthetic in this soap at all.
Clary Sage has balancing and relaxation aromatherapy benefits. I think I might mix some Frankincense essential oil in it next time.

I purchased Bay Rum oil after my friend Kristin asked me about it. Jim loves it! Great for men. Think Bay leaves, some spice and orange peel.

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  1. Really great new soaps! At least you turned your snow day into something productive :)

    The green from the parsley is awesome, I love learning about how you create your soaps!

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