Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New product photos

Please give me your feedback and let me know what you think of these photos. I spend a little time playing around with different compositions for the etsy page.
Lavender 100% Natural gift set

Black Rasberry and Vanilla swirl on one of my ceramic slab dishes

Cozy Chamomile on Cedar soap deck

100% Natural Stress-Less Lavender gift set
Honey Shea loaded with lots of yummy shea butter? Dry Skin? Honey Shea will help!
Nag Champa Soap made with turmeric. Good for dry skin.
Black Rasberry Vanilla Swirl with cedar soap deck.

Kitchen Coffee soap on one of my ceramic dishes. Gets all the smell out.


  1. Not only do you have amazing soap, but you take wonderful photographs. I love the composition of the cedar block listing and your multiple soap listings already in your shop, the individual listings are really great too!

    The only advice that I would pass on, that I learned from a shop critique, would be to have consistency between items in your shop. It does not mean every listing should have the same photo...rather view your shop as a grid of items and try to limit the variation in the rows or the columns...create links between similar items with similar photos. Then, take full advantage of the other four photo slots to show different views or options...

    Not really specific to your new photos, but I hope it helps. Also, the cozy chamomile image with the label is really nice!

  2. Thanks the Fold! I was wondering where you have been. I haven't seen you in a few weeks. Thank you for the constructive's really appreciated! Can we move the order of how things are placed in our shop? I wanted to do that can't figure it out. Thank again! ~T