Sunday, June 26, 2011

School IS Out and Carnauba wax.

Copernicia prunifera
Friday was the last day of school for the year. Was a little weepy, especially since this was the first group I have had all four years of high school. Some of them I need more than they need me! This was also my the end of my first year at half-time employment, which I was hoping would only last a year- but did not. I keep telling myself there is a reason for the path my life has been taking. Every time I think about it I see a Hawk- which is the messenger. In  my heart I believe things will be okay, just need to work on my own emotions about all of this. Aside from that - I am so super excited to get into the kitchen (starting tomorrow!) to make new bath goodies. My whole summer is going to be focused on that and building my shop/brand etc.

Tomorrow I am going to make 100% Vegan solid lotion bars with a few different recipes. The fixed wax will be Carnauba wax. I know it's a lot harder than beeswax so I will definitely need to load that Shea and avocado butter in. Avocado butter is my new favorite thing. I made some test lip balms with it and they are FANTASTIC. Still working on the whole tooting my own horn thing (see previous posts). Solid lotion bars are fantastic because they are all moisture. When you buy lotion from the store you are paying mostly for water. The testers for these are going to be my ceramicist friends :).

Certain generic candy coated in carnauba wax
Carnauba wax may sound familiar because it's used to give your car  or wooden furniture a nice polish.  Certain candies are coated in it so they melt in your mouth and not in your hands. Carnauba is a wax of the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera, a plant native to and grown only in the northeastern Brazil. It is the "queen of waxes" and usually comes in the form of hard yellow-brown flakes. It is obtained from the leaves of the carnauba palm by collecting them, beating them to loosen the wax, then refining and bleaching the wax.

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  1. i never knew the origin of carnauba wax! It sounds like you will be cooking up some great new products.