Monday, July 25, 2011

Albany Visitor's Center Gift Shop

I recieved a very exciting phone call the other day. We are honored to be asked to sell our soaps in the gift shop at the Albany Visitor's Center. Going to drop off some goodies tomorrow. Check them out!​enter/AlbanyGiftShop.aspx
Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center
25 Quackenbush Square Albany, NY 12207 (518) 434-0405 (518) 434-1217

I love Albany and have lived in the city of Albany and the surrounding suburbs most of my life. Every day I drive to work in Castleton I am in awe of our city's skyline. I never get tired of it. What is your favorite thing about Albany?

With all of these new opportunities- I had better go make some soap! Getting geared up to make my fall fragrances. Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea! Yuuummmmy!

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